Featured Glass Artists

Holsten Galleries represents all of the glass artists on this page.  Some of them are blown glass artists and some work in cast glass or architectural glass. Many of these well known artists are available to create commissioned glass sculptures for your collection.

Red Shift XVI by Gary Beecham Red Shift XVI

Gary Beecham

Outdoor Columns by David Bennett Outdoor Columns

David Bennett

Moonlit Spring by Alex Gabriel Bernstein Moonlit Spring

Alex Gabriel Bernstein

Installation by Martin Blank Installation

Martin Blank

St.LuciaCloud_Web.jpg by Nancy Callan St. Lucia Cloud

Nancy Callan

Apple Green and Leather by Jose Chardiet Apple Green and Leather

Jose Chardiet

Sea Blue and Green Tower 2004 by Dale Chihuly Sea Blue and Green Tower 2004

Dale Chihuly

Blue Revealed 2008 by Daniel Clayman Blue Revealed 2008

Daniel Clayman

Residential Installation (2) by Dan Dailey Residential Installation (2)

Dan Dailey

Acres of Diamonds by Dorothy Hafner Acres of Diamonds

Dorothy Hafner

Jewel Peak by John Kiley Jewel Peak

John Kiley

Seductive Whisper by Jon Kuhn Seductive Whisper

Jon Kuhn

Series Crystalex-Hantich Novy Bor #3 by Marvin Lipofsky Series Crystalex-Hantich Novy Bor #3

Marvin Lipofsky

Vessel Display by Dante Marioni Vessel Display

Dante Marioni

Eagle Drum by Preston Singletary by Secondary Market Eagle Drum by Preston Singletary

Secondary Market

Egg In Cage #09-10 by Richard Marquis Egg In Cage #09-10

Richard Marquis

Koi Sunset by Charles Miner Koi Sunset

Charles Miner

Palla Set Sellenium Red by Benjamin Moore Palla Set Sellenium Red

Benjamin Moore

Yellow Lady Slipper by Debora Moore Yellow Lady Slipper

Debora Moore

Cherry Puffy Puff by Stephen Powell Cherry Puffy Puff

Stephen Powell

Vatnajökull by Wesley Neal Rasko Vatnajökull

Wesley Neal Rasko

Sunset: 2008 soft sculpture by Kait Rhoads Sunset 2008 soft sculpture

Kait Rhoads

Blue Horizon by Christopher Ries Blue Horizon

Christopher Ries

Botanical Scales for A Horn Flower: Aesthetic Engineering Series by Ginny Ruffner Botanical Scales for A Horn Flower Aesthetic Engineering Series

Ginny Ruffner

Bluebirds by Toland Sand Bluebirds

Toland Sand

zaof121900 by David Schwarz zaof121900

David Schwarz

White and Gold Basket by Preston Singletary White and Gold Basket

Preston Singletary

Cloistered Column by Paul Stankard Cloistered Column

Paul Stankard

Don't be Rash by Lisabeth Sterling Don't be Rash

Lisabeth Sterling

Africa Series by Lino Tagliapietra Africa Series

Lino Tagliapietra

Dots and tweezers by Veruska Vagen Dots and tweezers

Veruska Vagen

Gardens of Time by Mary Van Cline Gardens of Time

Mary Van Cline

Quantom Physics by Steven Weinberg Quantom Physics

Steven Weinberg

Eastern Screech Owl by Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen Eastern Screech Owl

Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen

Jade Ocher Pitcher by Peter Wright Jade Ocher Pitcher

Peter Wright

Nagare #91 by Hiroshi Yamano Nagare #91

Hiroshi Yamano