Lino Tagliapietra : Glass Art Installations

The Lino Tagliapietra architectural glass installations on this page are examples of installations that Lino has done in the past. Holsten Galleries works closely with Lino in the commissioning of glass installations for private and public collections. Major installations by Lino Talgliapietra can be found in public and private collections worldwide.  Some of the most spectacular installations are his hanging “Endeavor” series which look like long, elegant boats. These are most often created in brilliant multiple colors and hang at different heights, usually overhead.  Tagliapietra’s “Masai” installations are wall mounted and take their name from the fact that Lino found his inspiration for these forms from the iconic Masai shields.  More recently, Lino has been grouping pieces from his “Fenice” series, similar in concept to his previous groupings of “Dinosaurs.”Please contact us to discuss the possibility of a Lino glass installation created especially for your collection. Please contact Holsten Galleries for price and size information.