E-Newsletter : Issue #048 May 2012

Mandara by Lino Tagliapietra
34" x 17" x 7 "





Earth Swallows Us
by Preston Singletary

23" x 17" x 6.5"



Mesa Top by Nancy Callan
18.5" x 12" x 11.5"


Pearl White Seaform by Dale Chihuly

May 2012

Holsten Galleries

Note from Kenn Holsten

This month I have some great new pieces to share with you.  I hope you enjoy this newsletter and, as always, welcome your questions and comments. I wish you and your families a happy and healthy summer!

Quote of the Month

“When I was a boy my mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general; if you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’  Instead I was a painter and became Picasso.”

Pablo Picasso

Featured Works

Mandara by Lino Tagliapietra
Lino Tagliapietra’s “Mandara” series is one of my favorites. It is as if he has created a piece within a piece, giving us not only two layers to enjoy but enabling us to view 4 layers of glass at one glance. The result is 4 overlaying patterns of color and canework. To make it even more visually interesting, the outer layers often have different types of surface cutting, one of the hallmarks of Lino Tagliapietra’s work.

Earth Swallows Us by Preston Singletary
This exciting new piece is part of Preston’s well know “Rattle” series. I love the black/blue tones of the Oyster Catcher and the bright colors of the 2 figures, engaged in what must be the Tlingit equivalent of a wild magic carpet ride.

Mesa Top by Nancy Callan
This new piece by Nancy may well be my very favorite piece ever from her well known “Top” series. The subtle colors of the large murini (sliced beads of colored glass rolled onto the hot glass bubble) are softened by the circular surface cutting, creating a harmonious and understated elegance.

Pearl White Seaform by Dale Chihuly
Have another look at what may well be the most subtle Studio Edition ever created by Chihuly. For years we’ve seen all of Dale’s best loved series scaled and distilled down into these gem-like creations. But all of the previous examples have been in exuberant shades of red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. Then suddenly this year we receive this perfectly understated white Seaform Pair with the exquisite turquoise lip wraps.

Chihuly Garden and Glass – Seattle Center

And speaking of Chihuly, this month heralded the grand opening of Dale’s permanent indoor/outdoor exhibition at the Seattle Center, famous home of the Space Needle. This is a must see for any glass art enthusiast visiting Seattle. If you don’t plan to visit Seattle in the near future, the next best thing is to visit the exhibition online at www.chihulygardenandglass.com. Dale has certainly been the Ambassador at Large for the glass world for many years and this latest exhibition is bound to introduce many more thousands of visitors to the exciting world of contemporary glass art!

Take care and stay in touch!

Kenn Holsten


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