E-Newsletter : Issue #050 June 2012 Supplemental

Mythic Fire
by Harry Pollitt
21" x 10"

Harry Pollitt – Correction

Greetings!  I have been made aware that some of you did not receive the image of featured artist Harry Pollitt in yesterday’s newsletter.  I’m enclosing it here along with my words about Harry and his work and a link to his new webpage: holstengalleries.com/artists/show/pollitt-53

Introducing Harry Pollitt

Mythic Fire by Harry Pollitt
Last week I had lunch with a local collector and a “new” glass artist that he was eager to introduce me too. Naturally I went on line and had a good look at this artist’s work prior to the luncheon. These days I very rarely add new artists to my virtual gallery but in this case I was delighted to be introduced to some of the most beautiful cast glass sculpture I’ve seen. Harry Pollitt is not actually a “new” artist as he had been sculpting in wood for more than four decades before turning to the medium of glass a few years ago. As a wood artist, Harry has shown in top galleries in both the U.S. and abroad. As a glass artist, his work is fairly new on the scene and is bound to attract a lot of attention amongst glass aficionados. When I visited Harry’s studio, I was impressed by the fluid, graceful forms, the use of negative space, the wonderful colors and the hand sanded (after all he’s a wood artist!) surfaces which are soft and velvety. Please take a look at his new page to see and learn more!

Thank you,

Kenn Holsten


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