E-Newsletter : Issue #138 Dale Chihuly Studio Editions 2019

March 1, 2019 – Special Edition

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2019 Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly


Note from Kenn Holsten

Greetings! I am excited to share with you the 2019 Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly. In addition to the four new Studio Editions there is a Special Edition limited to only 75, available only through select galleries. All of the pieces come with a handsome vinyl display case. I look forward to hearing your comments and questions. Enjoy!


Channel Mist Basket by Dale Chihuly, approx. 8.5″ x 9.5″ x 9.5"

Channel Mist Basket
2019 Special Edition
by Dale Chihuly

Early in the developmental stages of the Basket series Chihuly began to explore translucency. With an intent to lure the eye past the exterior wall of the sculpture and into its interior environment, the combined small opaque elements within a larger transparent element.

Channel Mist Basket is a tonal study of this serene environmental concept. Interior elements of pale, opaque robin’s egg blue rest within an expansive transparent aquamarine Basket while a ribbon of oxblood red wraps the lip of each vessel and winds around each form to create spatial definition within this three-piece composition.


Flamingo Macchia by Dale Chihuly, approx. 6.5″ x 7″ x 7"

Flamingo Macchia
2019 Studio Edition
by Dale Chihuly

The 2019 Flamingo Macchia Studio Edition embodies the radiant properties of glass through its unrestrained palette of colors. Varying hues of rose, blue, and orange daub the multifaceted exterior while a spiraling red tonal body wrap emphasizes the ebb and flow of the rippled form. The dazzling lemon-yellow interior pulls light within the sculpture to create a dualistic illusion of opacity and transparency. A black lip wrap tethers these flamboyant exchanges of color.


Mandarin Orange Basket by Dale Chihuly, approx. 6.5″ x 10.5″ x 10"

Mandarin Orange Basket
2019 Studio Edition
by Dale Chihuly

The 2019 Mandarin Orange Basket Studio Edition embodies Chihuly’s visionary dialogue of form, color, and space. Vibrant orange elements combine to create a dynamic microcosm. Beginning at the top of each element, a saturation of deep orange gracefully transitions to transparency, juxtaposing the composition’s substance and ethereal quality. A teal green lip winds and wraps along its contours, further articulating its physicality.


Periwinkle Persian by Dale Chihuly, approx. 7.5″ x 10″ x 9.5"

Periwinkle Persian
2019 Studio Edition
by Dale Chihuly

Periwinkle Persian, a 2019 Studio Edition, is a provocative study of suspended motion. The elements in this two-piece composition illustrate the fluid gestures and the effects of gravity, both used to shape handblown glass. Its translucent violet exterior element with a pale lilac body wrap and contrasting blue lip wrap cradles a coiled and textured element that propels the energetic momentum of the entire sculpture.


Eucalyptus Macchia by Dale Chihuly, approx. 6.5″ x 12.5″ x 9″

Eucalyptus Macchia
2019 Studio Edition
by Dale Chihuly

The asymmetrical form of the 2019 Eucalyptus Macchia Studio Edition presents a lime-green landscape punctuated by bursts of saffron orange, canary yellow, and oxblood red. The shallow profile of this two-piece composition allows the interior panorama of rich marine blue to interact and complement the verdant exterior. A departure from Chihuly’s classic Macchia forms, the Eucalyptus Macchia demonstrates feathery, light qualities typically blown in Chihuly’s "pheasant" tradition.


I hope you have enjoyed viewing these dynamic new glass sculptures and I look forward to being in touch!

Kenn Holsten

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