E-Newsletter : Issue #153 April 2020 – Chihuly Workshop Studio Editions

April 2020

Holsten Galleries newsletter

Note from Kenn Holsten

Greetings. I hope that this note finds you and your loved ones well. My wife Christine and I are enjoying quiet times at home and in nature. We feel blessed to be well. I want to share with you some beautiful glass art in hopes that it will brighten your day. I look forward to staying in touch.

Quote of the Month

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

– Pablo Picasso

Featured Works


by Lino Tagliapietra

Perhaps the most iconic series by Lino Tagliapietra is his "Dinosaur" series. Here is a magnificent example of that series. I love the graceful form and the painterly quality of this piece. Detail and close up images of this piece are available by request.

Dinosaur by Lino Tagliapietra, 57.25 x 23 x 8″



Alone with my Thoughts by Ross Richmond
25" x 6" x 6"




Alone with my Thoughts
by Ross Richmond

This beautiful piece by Seattle glass artist Ross Richmond is appropriately titled for the times we are living in. Like many of Ross’s figures, there is a contemplative, introspective feeling to this wonderful work.


Raven Steals the Moon
by Preston Singletary

One of Preston Singletary’s best known series is this "Raven Steals the Moon" series. It is based on a story from Singletary’s first nation Tlingit tribe. This is one of the finest examples I have seen of this series and the first one I have had to offer for the past year.

Raven Steals the Moon by Preston Singletary, 21″ x 7″ x 7″



2020 Chihuly Workshop Studio Editions



I am pleased to introduce this year’s four new studio editions. These smaller scale interpretations of Dale Chihuly’s best known series are hand blown and signed by Dale Chihuly.


Hyacinth Basket by Dale Chihuly, approx. 4″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″
© 2020 Chihuly Workshop

Hyacinth Basket
2020 Special Edition
by Dale Chihuly

The Hyacinth Basket Studio Edition exemplifies the delicate form and fluidity found in Chihuly’s Basket series. The Basket is composed of two pieces, its opaque cobalt blue interior element finding its resting place within a larger form that transitions from deep cobalt to an ethereal transparency. An indigo lip wrap extends and arcs around the surface of each element, further emphasizing its multidimensional composition.


Monarch Seaform by Dale Chihuly, approx. 7″ x 12″ x 6"
© 2020 Chihuly Workshop

Monarch Seaform
2020 Studio Edition
by Dale Chihuly

The two-piece Monarch Seaform Studio Edition illustrates the wavelike motion of the series’ quixotically abstract forms. Each golden-orange element is grazed by a lapis-blue lip wrap and shows one of two variations of a sienna-colored body wrap. The larger, exterior element presents Chihuly’s traditional wrap while the interior form reveals a distinctly staccato wrap. Together, the elements narrate an asymmetrical yet eloquent balance.


Medici Macchia by Dale Chihuly, approx. 9″ x 10.5″ x 10.5"
© 2020 Chihuly Workshop

Medici Macchia
2020 Studio Edition
by Dale Chihuly

The Medici Macchia Studio Edition articulates Chihuly’s command of color and its dramatic interplay with transparency and light. Flushed in crimson, the composition has a momentum that is accelerated by red-hued pigment dusted between clouds of color, while speckles of chartreuse and saffron contribute contrast. A vivid golden yellow lip wrap pulses with the fluid movement of the sculpture.


Spring Green Persian by Dale Chihuly, approx. 8″ x 11.5″ x 10.5"
© 2020 Chihuly Workshop

Spring Green Persian
2020 Studio Edition
by Dale Chihuly

The Spring Green Persian Studio Edition is a two-piece composition that expresses the wild asymmetry of this exotic series. Concentric bands of opaque apple green envelop the fan-shaped amber-green element with a hypnotic rhythm. An extraordinary form rests within its folds, unfurling in hues of rose-gold and pale green. Skimming the edge of each element, a dark green lip wrap emphasizes the dynamic forms.

Thank you for taking a few moments to enjoy some beautiful art. Take care, be safe and stay well!

Kenn Holsten


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