E-Newsletter : Issue #187 February 2023 – Introducing Josef Marek

February 2023

Holsten Galleries newsletter


Note from Kenn Holsten

Greetings. I hope that you and your families are doing well. I have chosen some extraordinary glass sculptures to share with you this month. I look forward to your comments and questions. Enjoy!

Quote of the Month

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for."

– Georgia O’Keeffe

Introducing Josef Marek



I have known Czech artist Josef Marek for many decades but had lost touch with his work until he reached out to me recently. I am very happy to be representing him again! At first glance Marek’s work may look similar to that of other cast glass artists from Czech Republic, but as you look more carefully there is a depth and spatial quality that is unique. Here are a couple of his sculptures.

Beginning by Josef Marek, 12 x 25.5 x 4″

Koan by Josef Marek, 31.5 x 37.5 x 12″


Featured Works


Mazorca by William Morris, 46.5 x 17.5 x 12″


by William Morris

The Mazorcas were were one of the last series that William Morris worked on prior to his retirement in 2007. This series is inspired by Aztec and Mayan culture and artifacts. I recently ran across this outstanding example.


Killer Whale Cloak
by Preston Singletary
This piece by Seattle artist Preston Singletary, as in most of his works, draws upon his native Tlingit mythology for its inspiration. I love the shape of this piece and also the vivid blue color.


Killer Whale Cloak by Preston Singletary,
19 x 9 x 3″


by Mary Van Cline
Another of the leading glass sculptors based in Washington is Mary Van Cline. Mary combines her creative photography with glass in her sophisticated photo sensitive technique. For me "Voyage" has a dreamy narrative quality which suggests many different inner and outer journeys.

Voyage by Mary Van Cline, 23 x 13 x 4″



by Paul Schwieder

Paul Schwieder is American born but has lived for many years in Sweden. I love the open, organic quality of this piece which he recently finished.

Untitled by Paul Schwieder,
18 x 18 x 18″


Sunburst by Alex Bernstein
, 16 x 18 x 4″


by Alex Bernstein

Alex recently finished this beautiful cast piece and I was excited when he offered for me to feature it in this newsletter. It is a somewhat unusual shape for Alex and such a dynamic shade of gold.



Thank you, as always, for taking a few moments to enjoy this month’s issue of Holsten Galleries News. I look forward to staying in touch!

Kenn Holsten

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