Info & Resources : Lino Announces His Retirement

July 28, 2021
After a career of more than 75 years, Lino Tagliapietra is today announcing his formal retirement, just two weeks before his 87th birthday on August 10. This does not necessarily mean that the Maestro will never again blow glass but he will no longer be actively creating more work.

In the 35 years that I have represented Lino, I have witnessed his epic journey from an artist who was just beginning to be known in the U.S. to his undisputed title as the world’s greatest living glass blower. Equally important, on a personal level, is that Lino and his wife Lina have become close personal friends with my wife Christine and myself over the years, with many shared memories in Seattle, Murano, Santa Fe, Stockbridge, Chicago and elsewhere.

As you see in Lino’s letter (PDF), Lino is definitely not done with glass. He intends to continue to share his wisdom and skills through teaching new and accomplished glass artists as well.

Thank you, Lino, for all that you are, all that you have accomplished and all that you have given to the world of glass. I am honored to represent you and to call you my friend! Grazie, Lino!! Molti auguri!