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Dancing Flora by Jose Chardiet
Dancing Flora by Jose Chardiet

Silvered Blue Venetian with Ice Flowers by Dale Chihuly
Silvered Blue Venetian with Ice Flowers
by Dale Chihuly

San Jose Group #1 by Marvin Lipofsky
San Jose Group #1 by Marvin Lipofsky

October 2010
Fall Greetings From Kenn Holsten

I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful fall season. Even here in Santa Fe, where fall colors usually pale in comparison to the East or Midwest, the colors are spectacular this year. Speaking of colors, I have just printed a beautiful Fall Catalog.  Check out the details below and let me know if you would like a print copy.

Holsten Galleries Fall Catalog
12 in Glass

Many of you have already viewed my fall catalog online. If you have not, click the image on the home page for a link to that catalog.  Please call or email me for price information or to receive the print version in the mail.  The idea of this catalog is to feature a few pieces each by 12 outstanding glass artists.  Following are some of the highlights:

David Bennett Rolling Around
Many of you are familiar with David’s almost life size figures created by blowing glass into a metal mold. But did you know that David now has a series called Whimsical Figures which are much smaller scale. Take a look at David’s page on my website or at the catalog to see more.

Nancy Callan Coriolis Cloud
This is one of the most beautiful of Nancy’s Cloud series.  The new pieces from her Top series are also great.

Jose Chardiet Dancing Flora
Jose’s recent re-exploration of the vessel form has produced some wonderful results. Check out his web page to see more.

Dale Chihuly Silvered Blue Venetian with Ice Flowers
Most of you are familiar with one of Chihuly’s most unique series, the Venetians. Last year he added a new aesthetic element to this series by silvering the interior of the vessels. This example is my favorite of that body of work.

Marvin Lipofsky San Jose Group #1
Marvin has blown glass all over the world. It turns out that one of his most elegant series was blown about an hour away from his home in Berkeley, California. Marvin also provided some other great archival pieces for this catalog.

William Morris Medicine Jar
Bill generously offered three archival works which have only been shown in museums. This Medicine Jar is an outstanding example of that series.

Lino Tagliapietra Maui
Lino Tagliapietra often likes to name his series after places he loves. This beautiful piece is from one of his newest series called Maui.



Kenn Holsten
October, 2010


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